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  ISDN telefon CX590 Gigaset nemamo na stanju, 07.12.2011.  

  Link za kompatibilnost telefona i dodatnih slušalica SIEMENS ISDN TELEFONI SIEMENS  

  Gigaset ISDN telefon CX590, nema na stanju.  
  Gigaset ISDN telefon CX590 BEŽIČNI ISDN TELEFON SIEMENS GIGASET Dodatna slušalica C610H za ISDN  
  Telefon dolazi sa jednom slušalicom   Dodatne slušalice se posebno kupuju  
      Moguće je instalirati ukupno 6 (šest) slušalica  

Ovaj model možete da poručite - CX590


Ovaj model možete da poručite - C610 H

  Gigaset CX590 ISDN Poručite ! Dodatna slušalica C610H, cena: 8.000,00+pdv  
  Detaljno uputstvo za ISDN CX590, PDF 3.632 KB, besplatno, preuzmite  
  Uputstvo za slušalicu Siemens Gigaset C610H na srpskom jeziku mođete preuzeti u PDF formatu.  
Podržava do 10 ISDN brojeva (MSN), Proširiv za do 6 slušalica, Datum i vreme automatski se sinhronizuju putem D-kanala
ECO DECT - korištenje do 60% manje struje i varijabilno smanjenje odašiljanja, Zadržavanje poziva
Trosmerno pozivanje, Poziv na čekanju s opcijom prihvati/odbij.
Preusmeravanje poziva, Automatska poruka za povratni poziv za zauzete brojeve ili bez odgovora
Identifikacija nepoželjnih poziva (MCID), Praktično telefoniranje bez ruku uz savršen kvaliteu zvuka
SMS* funkcija, Imenik za do 140 imena i brojeva.
Sound quality
HDSP™ ready handset 1
HSP™ for brilliant sound quality
Handsfree talking | convenient handsfree | advanced handsfree
- | yes | -
Ringer melodies | polyphonic | real sounds I downloadable
7 | 9 | 4 | -
Individual ringer melodies for VIP entries
Adjustable handset volume
Headset connection | corded 2,5 mm | Bluetooth®
yes | yes | -
Convenience - phoning essentials
Range indoors | outdoors
50m | 300m
Standby time | talk time
180h | 12h
Phonebook | address book | entries
- | yes | 150
Phonebook transfer: via DECT | via Bluetooth® | via LAN
yes | - | -
Last dialed ... numbers
Automatic dialing of operator prefix
Automatic redial function in handset
Dial by voice command
Bluetooth® function 2 | Mini-USB
- | -
Room monitoring
SIM card reader and writer
Plug-and-play installation | Installation Assistant for ISDN
yes | yes
Date reminder function | alarm call
yes | yes
Live recording of calls
Display and menu features
Display: numeric | alphanumeric | semigraphical | graphical
- | - | - | yes
Display: illuminated | colour
yes | yes
... pixel, ... inch, ... colours and ... lines
128x160 | 1,8 | 65000 | 6
Easy-to-use text-based menu | jumbo fonts | icon-based
yes | yes | yes
Display of caller's number (CLIP 1 ) | picture (Picture CLIP 1 )
yes | -
List of last … missed calls with time and date
Multilingual menu for up to ... languages
Time displayed
Date displayed
Range displayed (handset to base station)
Charging status displayed
Call charge displayed
Call duration displayed
Keypad features
Illuminated keypad
Colour of illumination
Navigation key
Message indicator key
Messaging functions
Up to … characters SMS 1 | e-mail 1
612 | yes
Up to ... personalized SMS in-boxes
E-mail notification
Up to 60% less power consumption 3
ECO Mode for reduction of transmitting power of base station by 80% 4
Radiation-free 5 ECO Mode Plus
Transmitting power at almost zero when handset docked 6
Equipped with speech transmission encryption
Features with more than one handset
Expandable to up to … handsets
Selective internal calls | walkie-talkie mode
yes | -
Internal transfer of external calls
Parallel calls internal | external
2 | 2
2 years
Wall mountable
Technical data
Standards: DECT | GAP | Euro ISDN
yes | yes | yes
Dimensions handset (H x W x D in mm)
Dimensions base station (H x W x D in mm)
Dimensions charger (H x W x D in mm)
Available colours
SAR Value
Gigaset Handsets
< 0,1 W/kg
ISDN features
Administration of telephone numbers
Up to 10 MSNs (auto MSN recognition)
Clock feature
Date/Time synchronizing via ISDN
Call Functions: Call hold | Consultate | toggle/waiting | accept/reject | forwarding
yes | yes | yes | yes | yes
CW (call waiting)
CCBSR/CCNRS (call completition on busy subscriber/no reply)
yes | yes
ECT (exclusive call transfer)
MCID (malicious call identification)
AOC (advice of charge)


Family Manager

  • Baby alarm, anonymous call silencing
  • Large TFT colour display
  • Brilliant sound quality with HSP™
  • Manages up to 10 ISDN numbers (MSN)
  • Modern user interface with jumbo font for extra convenience
  • Three party conference
  • Talk time up to 12 hours
  • SMS with up to 612 characters
  • ECO DECT with Zero Transmission Mode
  • Easy to expand with up to 6 handsets

The reliable phone tailored to meet families' daily needs.

Busy lives demand a reliable, well-equipped telephone. The ideal solution for active families: the Gigaset CX590 ISDN. It features a best-in-class, large TFT colour display, an easy-to-use modern user interface and brilliant sound quality with HSP. For even more convenience and simplicity in daily telephony, it features a baby alarm, programmable VIP ring tones and a talk time of up to 12 hours. And if you pay attention to the environmental and financial impact of your energy use, you'll be pleased with the Gigaset CX590 ISDN's radiation-free and energy-saving ECO DECT technology. The Gigaset CX590 ISDN offers the perfect fusion of quality technology, refined design and easy-to-use features – the ideal phone for any family's living room.

If reliability and familiar elegance are what you and your family are looking for, the Gigaset CX590 ISDN is the phone perfectly suited to your needs.

Stay in charge
Live easier and organise efficiently by using extra features designed with your family in mind. The integrated baby alarm, for example, lets you monitor your child when you're busy with other things at home. Simply enter in an external number under which you can be contacted, or internal one if you have multiple handsets, and leave the handset with your child. You can also preset the noise level that must be reached for the phone to automatically dial the programmed number, after which you can hear what's happening.

Additionally, you'll remember significant dates easily with the Gigaset CX590 ISDN's birthday reminder feature. Just enter in the birthdays of family and friend; when the special day arrives, the telephone automatically plays a melody as a reminder. Also benefit by activating the anonymous call silencing feature on your handset, which turns the ringer off for all unidentified numbers, though the call still appears on the display and in the call-log.

Navigate effortlessly
Ease, convenience and regard for aesthetics – this is menu navigation with the Gigaset CX590 ISDN. Find the features you need with ease on the large, high-quality TFT colour display, which is also equipped with a modern user interface. And the jumbo font size ensures you'll easily find the correct numbers in your personalized phone book or comfortably text message to friends and family using the SMS2 feature.

Personal preferences
The Gigaset CX590 ISDN adapts to you and your needs. If you have a larger home or demand more flexibility, it's easy to expand your Gigaset CX590 ISDN to up to 6 handsets. And you can optionally programme your ring tones and set up to six VIP groups, letting you recognize some callers just by the ring.

Brilliant sound quality
Clearly comfortable conversations with the Gigaset CX590 ISDN. This attractive and reliable phone contains HSP™ for all your calls in brilliant sound quality. This Gigaset technology delivers clear, crisp voices free from annoying hissing or distortion with every call.

ECO DECT for energy savings and radiation-free 1 telephony
The energy-saving power supply of the Gigaset CX590 ISDN consumes less electricity3, so it saves you money and is better for the environment. Like all Gigaset cordless phones, it also variably reduces the transmitting power from the handset to base station depending on their distance apart. You can also reduce the transmitting power of the Gigaset CX590 ISDN's base station by 80%* simply by selecting the ECO Mode. Furthermore, radiation-free** ECO Mode Plus slashes the transmitting power by up to 100% when the handset is in standby. This way, you can enjoy a more energy-efficient way of staying connected with your family and friends.

If you are looking for a reliable, family oriented telephone packed with high-quality features, the Gigaset CX590 ISDN is the perfect telephone for your living room

  Gigaset ISDN telefon CX590, novi model !  
  Imamo na lageru ISDN centrale Panasonic  
  ISDN telefoni SIEMENS, prodaja, cene, cena, Beophone d.o.o. Beograd  


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