Telefon Panasonic KX-TG6481 sa digitalnom sekretaricom (ovaj model nije još u prodaji)

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    DECT Cordless Phone

    • Drop & Splash Resistant DECT Phone with approximately 20 min. Answering System
    • Large, 1.8-inch LCD with Simple Menu Operation (illuminated)
    • Hands-Free Speakerphone and Headset Jack
    • Illuminated Keypad and Ringer Indicator
    • 100-Name and Number Phonebook
    • Up to 18-Hour Talk Time / 170-Hour Standby

    DECT Cordless Phone

    The KX-TG6481 includes a tough and splash resistant Handset and a Base Unit with integrated Charger.

    Thanks to its Universal Design, Unique Technology and Ecology its a perfect phone for a Home Office or for Home life.

    The integrated Digital Answering System automatically answers and takes messages from the caller when nobody is home

    The large, 1.8-inch screen is easy-to-read, and the simple menu screen with big text lets you access functions without confusion. The illuminated keypad and display also simplifies operation in the dark.

    The hands-free speakerphone or a connected optional headset lets you talk on the phone even when you're busy cooking, using your PC, or doing just about anything. It's also handy for taking notes, typing, etc. For easy dialling you can store up to 100 names and numbers in the built-in-memory. You can know who is calling before you answer if you have subscribed the Caller ID service by your local telephone company: The LCD displays caller's name (requires registration in phonebook) and number.

    Other features: GAP compatible, Voice Enhancer, Call Restriction, 10 Redial Memory, Auto Redial, 10 Polyphonic Ringer Melodies, Any Key Answer, Clock, Alarm, Handset Locator, Ringer / Charger Indicator, Belt-Clip included

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